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About Us

JX Nippon ANCI

JX Nippon ANCI Corporation, produces CLAF® and MILIFE® fabric in its manufacturing facility in Narita, Japan and is the current site for new product development and advancement of new technology.

JX Nippon ANCI, Inc.

JX Nippon ANCI Inc. produces CLAF® fabrics in Roanoke, Alabama and produces composites in Roanoke and our Converting Services plant in Dalton, Georgia, USA. The headquarters of JX Nippon ANCI Inc. is located in Kennesaw, GA, and sales, technical support and new product design are based in this office. Sales and marketing activities of JX Nippon ANCI Inc. cover all of North America and South America.


JX Nippon ANCI SAS, based in France, is also a subsidiary of JXTG Nippon Oil and Energy and serves the European Continent, Middle East and Africa areas with a network of sales representatives and inventory in Germany.

History of CLAF® and MILIFE®

1973 Establishment of Nisseki Plastics Co., LTD
1974 Started CLAF® production at Narita plant
1999 Started MILIFE® production at Narita plant (as Nisseki Chemical Co., LTD)
2010- Changed the name to "JX Nippon ANCI Corporation"

1990 Establishment of Amoco Nisseki CLAF Inc. (Nisseki Chemical 50%、Amoco 50%)
1992 Started CLAF® production at Roanoke plant
2000 Changed the name to "Atlanta Nisseki CLAF Inc." (Nisseki Chemical 100%)
2012- 100%-owned subsidiary of JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy

2010 Establishment of JX Nippon ANCI SAS (Nisseki Plasto Co. LTD 100%)
2012- 100%-owned subsidiary of JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy