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CLAF® fabric, made exclusively by JX Nippon, is lightweight and strong, making it the perfect choice for Agricultural applications. CLAF® mesh fabric with UV resistance can endure years of exposure to sunlight while retaining its unique properties.

MEIRYO®(BerryCool® )*

MEIRYO® is uniquely designed to lower greenhouse temperatures without blocking out the sunlight necessary for optimal growing conditions.
MEIRYO® is a CLAF®-based fabric which uses a shielding material to reflect the sun's infrared rays while allowing transmission of visible light, the energy source needed for plant photosynthesis. Ventilation is achieved through our open mesh structure which further contributes to reduction of the ground surface temperature.

* MEIRYO®(brand name in Japan, China and Korea), BerryCool® (brand name in EU, USA and South East Asia)

Choose your color

Grass covered with white CLAF® remained green.

CLAF® fabrics are available in a wide variety of colors. Different applications demand different colors; that is why JX Nippon manufactures CLAF® fabrics in Natural (White), Black, Silver, and others.
Whether your requirements are for raising grass seedlings, insect barrier, or shading, we make the optimal color for your application.

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