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As a versatile and practical industrial mesh, CLAF® adds excellent performance characteristics to many materials, enabling industrial users to differentiate and enhance their products with important benefits such as:

  • Reinforcement
  • Increased tear resistance
  • More open surface in porous environments
  • Greater dimensional stability
  • Machine or cross-directional strength
  • Better structural integrity
  • Light weight and thin profile
  • Raw material is inert to many chemicals


  • CLAF® functions as a lightweight carrier fabric in nonwoven manufacturing processes such as needle punch and powder bonding.
  • CLAF® helps reinforce nonwovens such as spunbond and meltblown, increasing tensile and tear strength while still allowing air flow. Low elongation properties add dimensional stability.
  • The open structure allows one pass adhesive lamination between two layers of nonwovens.


  • Adding CLAF® to the structure of film through heat, extrusion or adhesive lamination gives it strength and improves its performance without adding bulk or weight as does another of our products, MILIFE® nonwoven.
  • In multi-layer film composites, CLAF® is an excellent "strength layer," providing tear-resistant properties.
  • Made from polyethylene resin or polypropylene, CLAF® thermally bonds well with many films in the market.
  • Because CLAF® processes like a film, manufacturers easily incorporate it into film lines. Popular CLAF®-reinforced films include:
    • Food packaging films
    • Construction films
    • Agricultural films

Foils and foams

  • CLAF® adds superior tear resistance when extrusion laminated to light foils used in construction material and thermal insulation composites:
    • Emergency blankets
    • Radiant barriers
    • Thermal insulation foils
  • Industrial foam applications also benefit greatly from the improved tear strength and increased dimensional stability CLAF® provides. Some examples include:
    • Automotive seat reinforcement
    • Public transportation vehicle seating reinforcement
    • Industrial seating reinforcement
    • Furniture and bedding

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