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Daily Life

The strength and structure of CLAF® offers advantages in a number of applications in daily life. The examples below may give you some new ideas.

Kitchen drainage net

The consistent, fine mesh properties of CLAF® allow it's use in sink drainage pouches to strain small food particles, reducing the burden on sewage treatment facilities. Water easily passes through the open mesh, reducing the volume of waste.
It's stiffness and heat sealability allow make CLAF® the preferred material for open mesh pouch processing.

Shopping bags

Light weight and strength are a few reasons CLAF® is used to reinforce films and papers for shopping bag applications.
CLAF® provides tensile and tear resistance to the laminate, and its smooth surface allows high quality printing.

Recycled can/bottle recovery bag

Light, high strength, open mesh CLAF® fabrics are used for recycled can/bottle recovery bags.
Its open mesh structure allows washing of cans or bottles.
Durability allows rough handling and many reuses of the bags.
Heat sealability for high speed processing makes CLAF® the preferred material.

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