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Our CLAF® mesh fabric offers numerous solutions to packaging challenges all over the world. CLAF® provides packaging properties that translate to value, savings, and better performance:

  • CLAF® processes easily using form/fill/seal, tubing or heat-seal equipment.
  • CLAF® is the optimal packaging mesh design because it is breathable, and processes on packaging equipment like a film.
  • Its structure offers flexibility and reliability in bag design through a combination of strong packaging and attractive designs.
  • CLAF® heat seals easily, allowing for versatility. CLAF® laminates to poly film, paper or itself to create unique combinations for a high-performance packaging product.

Produce Bags

Major supermarket chains, retail stores and produce growers choose CLAF® mesh produce bags to highlight the appearance of the product and help minimize spoilage loss. 

End-user benefits

  • Consumers can now purchase goods that last longer. Fruits and produce breathe in CLAF® mesh bags, reducing spoilage.
  • Consumers use one convenient bag - from the store to kitchen - making storage easy and products safer.
  • Today's sophisticated customers demand more information about what they are purchasing, and CLAF® film/produce bags offer a larger printing area while maintaining freshness.

Supermarket benefits

  • Supermarkets must offer value and differentiated products to their customers. CLAF® bags - half-mesh and half-film - are an excellent tool for branding a particular name or product.
  • CLAF® bags offer supermarkets the ability to present produce inventory that looks uniform and to move produce in and out of shelves as promotions or demand changes.
  • Supermarkets can reduce the spoilage that "poly-only" bags cause. CLAF® bags save money by allowing the packaged product to breathe and last longer. To keep inventory fresher, longer, use CLAF® mesh produce bags.

Producer Benefits

  • Citrus, potato and other produce marketers prefer CLAF® mesh bags because they help distinguish their products on store shelves.
  • CLAF® produce bags are very easy to fill in simple packaging machines. Producers can avoid huge investments in packaging equipment.
  • CLAF®'s unique "flat - strand" profile translates into produce bags that keep product undamaged. Its strands have no sharp edges that may cause indentation or scarring of the produce's skin.

To contact manufacturers of CLAF® mesh bags, please send us a note.

Citrus Bags

CLAF® mesh bags have demonstrated their superior benefits for packing citrus products such as oranges, limes, lemons and grapefruits vs. "poly-only" bags.

In an independent study commissioned to a leading university in the packaging field, CLAF® bags proved their superior breathability by outperforming "all-poly" bags during a five-week storage test.

CLAF® bags for citrus provide several options:

  • Choice of many different CLAF® colors for any brand or promotional need.
  • Sizes from 1 lb. to over 25 lbs. for maximum customer choice.
  • Choice of closure systems for packaging and customer convenience.

Independent Study

Flower Wraps for Bouquets

When a consumer wants to celebrate a special event, a birthday, an anniversary, nothing highlights this emotion more than a beautiful flower bouquet. Flower producers have learned that flower wraps are just as important as the flowers. Top suppliers worldwide choose CLAF® metalized mesh and soft MILIFE® nonwovens to wrap their bouquets.

CLAF® and MILIFE® Flower Wrap:

  • Available in metalized colors such as vivid red, green, gold and copper that enhance the appearance of any flower bouquet.
  • Tailored to standard industry requirements, specialized converters provide CLAF® and MILIFE® flower wraps in convenient dimensions and packaging.
  • MILIFE® nonwoven's ultra smooth surface allows printing processes that offer a wide variety of packaging finishing options.


To find out more about CLAF® and MILIFE® based flower wraps, please send us a note.

Decorative and Luxury Packaging

Metalized CLAF®

Luxury items require an attractive wrap, an easy challenge for CLAF® and MILIFE®.

  • CLAF® fabric's unique pattern gives an innovative look to bags, either by itself or laminated to film.
  • CLAF® fabrics are used in durable packaging, envelopes, and wraps.
  • Metalized, pigmented CLAF® fabrics allow reflective packaging designs to differentiate products.

MILIFE® fabrics are a distinctive collection of polyester nonwovens with exclusive silky appearance and feel.

  • MILIFE®, offers an ideal surface for high quality printing.
  • MILIFE®'s fiber alignment and dimensional stability allows easy production of bags, pouches or envelopes.


Potato Bags with CLAF® mesh insert

CLAF® brings the same advantages to window inserts that it does to mesh bags.

  • Available in nine colors suitable for produce bags and other food packaging applications anywhere in the world.
  • Processes easily in multi-wall paper bag lines.
  • Mesh design keeps products fresher by allowing them to breathe.

Independent Study

A leading university in packaging technology was commissioned by JX Nippon ANCI, Inc., to measure and compare the shelf life of oranges stored in different 4 lb. and 8 lb. produce bags. One group of bags was the standard "poly" consisting of an all-film bag. The other group was constructed with CLAF® mesh in one or both sides of the bag. The study methodology measured moisture retention and weight loss over a period of time in each test sample. Furthermore, visual inspection was conducted throughout the study to identify orange spoilage or damage.

Study Conclusion

The highest percent weight loss occurred in mesh bags and the lowest occurred in poly bags. "Within the same variety of oranges there seems to be a trend that suggests that oranges that lost the most moisture had the lowest spoilage (mold and other biological decay) rates. This could be because the poly holds moisture in the bag more which results in an elevated internal relative humidity and thus greater mold growth." CLAF® mesh bags provided longer shelf life than poly bags.

Choice Valencia oranges in 8 lb. polybag after 5 weeks at room temperature

Choice Valencia oranges in 8 lb. combination CLAF® mesh and poly after 5 weeks at room temperature

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