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Specialty industrial papers must withstand heavy use and abuse. CLAF® easily transforms simple Kraft paper into a tough, durable composite by extrusion lamination. Because of it's smooth surface and open structure, CLAF® can be added between paper layers in one pass or to one layer.
CLAF®'s thin profile helps produce quality printing without the need for special inks or machinery.
Versatile and practical, CLAF® lends many important benefits to laminated paper envelopes including:

  • Water resistance
  • Five-times greater dry tear strength in comparison to non-reinforced paper
  • Ten times the wet strength of non-reinforced paper
  • Lower cost than envelopes made from flashspun polyethylene

Paper Envelopes

Envelope suppliers choose CLAF®-reinforced Kraft paper for high-performance envelopes, such as:

  • Waterproof commercial envelopes
  • Special event and promotions
  • Heavy-duty and tear-proof envelopes
  • Safety and security envelopes

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