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Specialty tape manufacturers use CLAF® fabric to differentiate and enhance their product with important benefits including:

  • Increased strength
  • Easy tear
  • Directional tear design
  • Flat, smooth surface
  • Dimensional stability

Easy tear tape

With it's cross-laminated structure, CLAF® can add excellent easy tear properties.
Easy tear tapes using CLAF® fabric can be torn straight, without cutting, an advantage in packaging, construction, and other applications.
We can provide not only CLAF® , but also CLAF® using original roll of tapes.

Other examples of CLAF® reinforced tapes

Butyl rubber tape

  • Duct tape: Aluminum foil or metalized film laminated to CLAF®.
  • Double-faced adhesive tape: Adhesives can be coated to both sides of CLAF® in one pass.
  • Butyl rubber double-faced tape for construction (sealing): With CLAF® as a core layer, butyl rubber is coated on both sides and forms a continuous layer through apertures in CLAF®.

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