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Converting Services

Creating Unique Products For Your Unique Application

We strongly believe that our deliverables go beyond the physical product. For this reason, our commitment to our CLAF® and MILIFE® customers is complemented by several additional benefits. We have developed a wide range of composites for a variety of end-uses and can assist in the specification, development, design and testing of just the right fabric for you. By combining dissimilar fabrics through lamination, you’ll be able to offer a product combining the desirable attributes of multiple layers in one composite material.
We provides the following services to produce multi-layer laminated fabrics from nonwovens, films, scrims, paper, wovens and knits for a wide variety of applications and industries:

  • Thermal Lamination
  • Sonic Bonding
  • Powder Application
    • Adhesive powder bonding
    • SAP or other powder application
  • Process Design and Implementation
    • Composite reinforcement selection and design
    • Process evaluation and recommendation
    • Equipment selection advice
    • Material and resin information and experience
    • Optimal CLAF® and MILIFE® product selection
  • Filtration Fabrics - Combine polyester and polypropylene spunbond, carded, or meltblown fabrics and films.
  • Food Packaging Composites - Fabrics used in food packaging, fragrance pouches, heater packs laundry pouches and more.
  • Medical Fabrics - Materials for drapes, covers and mask parts.
  • Cover Fabrics - Breathable/waterproof cover materials for consumer applications.
  • Construction Materials - Housewraps, roofing composites, radiant barrier composites and more. See our Construction Products for more information.
  • Technical Fabrics - Combining durability, wind and water resistance for consumer and industrial applications.

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